Frequently Asked Questions

How do we verify our Massage Therapists?

We verify our therapists in two ways. First, we run an identity verification to ensure that the applicant is who they say they are. Second, we cross reference their massage license against the state license database to ensure that the license is valid, current and in good standing. We also regularly check the state database to ensure that our therapists have remained in good standing.

Why is there a hold on my credit card? When will I be charged?

Seven days prior to your appointment (or immediately if booked within 7 days) we place a hold on your credit card for the amount of the service to ensure that your card is in good standing. 24 hours prior to the appointment (or immediately if booked within 24 hours) your credit card will be charged for the appointment.

What is your cancellation policy?

If a customer cancels prior to greater than 24 hours before the appointment then the hold on their credit card will be cancelled and they will not be charged. If a customer cancels within 24 hour of the appointment then they will be charged the full amount of the appointment. If a therapist cancels the appointment the client will receive a full refund regardless of the timing of the cancellation.

How much does is Truzen’s fee? What do your fees cover?

Truzen takes a flat 22% fee of the total cost of services rendered. As a Therapist if you advertise a service that costs $100 then you will earn $78 dollars and Truzen will earn $22. There are no other hidden fees or charges. Any discounts or promotions offered by Truzen will not impact the amount the Therapist makes. We use these fees to cover Credit Card Transaction Fees, Operating Expenses and most importantly Advertising so that we can continue to expand our network of Therapists and Clients.

How does Tipping work? Does Truzen take any portion of Tips?

If you receive good service tipping is highly encouraged but never required. Only the Credit Card Transaction Fee is taken from Tips. Everything else goes directly to the Therapist. Tips are aggregated together in order to not disclose individual amounts tipped by clients.

As a Therapist when will I receive my payments?

We send payments through our payout provider weekly on Wednesday for services provided into Sunday UTC (4pm or 5pm depending on Daylight Savings). Depending on when you start your services you may have to wait up to two weeks for your first payout, but you will receive payouts every one week thereafter. Your banking institution may take a couple of extra days to make these funds available.